Disk Protection Volume Image Properties

This window informs the user about an image and displays all available details about an image file. You can see:

  • the image file version number ,
  • encryption algorithm , which has been selected at the time of image creation,
  • encryption key size , it depends on selected encryption algorithm,
  • file system used for this image file, which depends on image file size. Image file with size equal or less than 8MB uses FAT 12 file system, an image with size equal or less than 256MB uses FAT16 file system and image larger than 256MB uses FAT32 file system,
  • allocation unit size is size of allocation unit and depends on used file system and selected image size,
  • actual limit size , what is current size of the image and can be increased until maximum image size; to do this use Image Editor ,
  • maximum limit size , what is maximum size that the image can be increased to,
  • status , what is the state of the image and can be Unmounted or Mounted. In Mounted state there is in a letter mentioned in brackets where the image is mounted.

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