Product overview and key features

TrustPort Personal Firewall developed by company TrustPort, a.s. belongs among modern solutions that help to protect "cybernetic privacy" of the users. On the one hand it is convenient for advanced users who are aware of network protocols and services. On the other hand it is also suitable for those who prefer applications of pre-set rule sets designed for operation of common Internet applications directly by the producer.

TrustPort Personal Firewall creates on the protected computer a gateway where all the network connections pass by. The gate makes possible to permit or to prohibit communication of the computer with the neighbourhood network. The set of rules can be set by the user for all communication adapters (those that are represented by their IP addresses) at the same time, for a concrete address or for a range of addresses. Each concrete IP address of the host computer has its own defined set of rules that regulates the data flow itself across the firewall gate.

Personal Firewall Configurator The user can manage individual sets of rules with the help of Personal Firewall Configurator that makes possible to create and to edit. The function for rule import and export ensures easy sharing and exchange of configurations between individual users and it facilitates the work for the administrator. Personal Firewall Configurator represents for common users the only interface that must be used for manual setting, respectively for the import of ready made set of rules (for example from his provider of Internet connection). It is possible to configure freely sets of rules, this includes seting the priority of rules, selecting protocols and directing the monitored connections. For easier orientation of the user in individual net protocols set of rules are supplied together with the personal firewall to ensure that the most extended common protocols are sorted into according categories. Each rule makes possible to carry out also logging of the arising incidents. TrustPort Personal Firewall is set by default in a way that all passing connections are blocked. Only after its configuration, rules that permit passing of certain data flows are created.

The solution is supplemented by a monitor module connection on the level of TCP and UDP protocols that gives to the user the current overview over all network activities. The user can therefore easily check the efficiency of adjusted filter rules. In transparent display the user can quickly reveal all the active network applications that he did not know about. With the help of another module -"WhoIs" client- the user can "verify identity" of individual domain names and check in this way to whom he wants to permit the access into his computer. Another addition to this module is a client that is able to determine reliably the geographical position of the given residence. For more detailed tracing of the individual connecting routes tools such as ping or traceroute with intuitive interface can be used.

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