Set of rules editing

This dialog window serves for editing and importing sets of rules. The name of the new set of rules will be automatically preset and the IP address for which this new set is destined, is preset to All addresses . The name of the set and IP address are obligatory items and it is necessary to insert the right values. It is not obligatory to insert items Created by and Description but we recommend to fill them in.

IP address that is tied up with the set of rules can be inserted in several forms:

Form Signification
All addresses Set of rules will be applied for all IP addresses in the computer. Option all addresses has the smallest priority during firewall processing.
IP address Set of rules will be applied only for the specified IP address. Option IP address has the highest priority during firewall processing.
Range of IP addresses Set of rules will be applied for all IP addresses that are in the stated range of IP addresses.
IP address and subnet mask Set of rules will be applied for all IP addresses that can be included into the stated subnet.

Each set must be unique and therefore it is possible to create a set with a unique name and for unique IP address. By a unique address is also meant All addresses or ranges of addresses or an address with subnet mask.

If you have a computer that you connect via network card to the local network with static IP addresses and modem that you use for connection to the Internet, then we have several possibilities which set of rules should be created. The safest way is to create a set of rules for one IP address defined by the IP address that was allocated by the administrator (see Location of IP addresses in computer ). Next we create a second set of rules for IP addresses range where our connection provider allocated our address to us. It is also possible to create a set of rules for the whole subnet or even for the rest of the addresses. If we have a connection from our provider by a static IP address for connection to the Internet (ADSL etc.), then it is more convenient to create set of rules directly for the IP address that we have appointed by the provider. If we select All addresses , then we have to remember that for each new IP address created in the computer is automatically used this set of rules. This is why we should create the set for All addresses with the most general settings and the biggest restrictions.

When we click the button OK, the entered values are verified and stored. If we edit the set of rules, then its modification is processed and after pressing the button Apply or OK , the core of the personal firewall is set to these new values in the window of the TrustPort Personal Firewall. During import of the set of rules the dialog window is pre-filled by the values from the imported file and you have possibilities to adjust the values further. When you press Apply or OK in the main configuration window TrustPort Personal Firewall, the firewall is set for the new values and the imported set of rules is stored.

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