Firewall Log Viewer

Page Firewall Log Viewer makes possible to display all the accessible logs from TrustPort Personal Firewall. On the first load of the page are loaded all the logs to the list. The newest log records are displayed in the highest position on the list.

Button Refresh serves for reload of the list of all log records.

Button Clear log deletes all log records from the list. When the button is pressed, a dialog window is displayed so as the list can not be deleted by mistake.

Button Save as serves for storage of the list of the log records to the file. The records are stored to the output file in text form, separated by semicolon, it is so called CSV format. A file created by this way can be further processed or viewed in another program that supports CSV format file (for example Microsoft Excel). By pressing Safe as is displayed a dialog window for file selection where the logs should be stored. If the file already exists, a confirm dialog window is displayed for file overwriting.

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