Filter Administration

Page "Filter Administration" serves for creation, deletion, import and export of rule sets. It is possible to create any number of rule sets but always only one set for each IP address . All rule sets are displayed in a transparent list. This list also displayes the legend and the IP address for which the given rule is active.

A new rule set addition can be done by pressing New . It is possible to adjust rule sets with the help of button Edit . For the use of button Edit it is necessary to choose a set where you want to edit. The rule sets that are not necessary any more can be deleted by button Remove . It is necessary to have the particular set specified to be able to edit or remove the set. After pressing Remove a dialog window is displayed. Here you are asked if you are sure to delete the specified rule set. If you select Yes , the chosen rule set with all the rules are deleted.

Import of the existing rule sets is done by the button Import . After pressing Import , you are asked to select a rule set that you want to import. If you have chosen the right file (unbroken and with the right data format), a dialog window is displayed. Here it is possible to adjust the name of the rule set and the IP address to which it will be tied to.

Export of rule sets is done by the button Export . To make the button Export functional, it is possible to have some rule set specified. When we click on this button, a dialog window is displayed where it is possible to define the file destination and the name where you want to export the rule set. The following items will be exported: information about the set name, allocated IP address and all the rules in the set.

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