Page Ping is a part of the network utilities and it serves for verification of a certain IP address or host machine accessibility. The tool Ping can find out even the numbers of the wrong/non-deliverable transmitted via the network. It is also possible to find out the time required for reach of the host computer . Tool Ping sends ICMP packets (requirements) of certain size in certain time intervals. The host computer receives these packets and sends them back as answers. If everything is all right, then there is the same number of the returned answers as of the sent requirements. If the answer is not given back in a certain time limit , this requirement is taken for lost.

The editing field Host name or IP address serves for the host name, such as for example or IP address that has form X.X.X.X. If this field is not filled in, then it is not possible to startup the tool Ping . The switching element Number of retries and Infinite ping serve for determination how many Ping requirements there should be sent to the host computer . Option Infinite ping ensures that the sending of Ping requirements will be going on till the user presses the Cancel button. Option Number of retries enables to determine how many Ping requirements there should be sent to the host computer. Startup of sending Ping requirements is done by button Start and finish of sending Ping requirements can be done any time by button Cancel .

If the answer to the sent requirement is received, there is displayed information that contains the following: who was the answer received from, what is the size of the received ICMP packet and what time passed between the requirement and the answer. If the answer was not delivered in the given time limit, then information about this event is displayed.

When the Ping requirement sending is finished, the tool Ping analyses the sent requirements and the received answers and displays a brief statistics. The statistics contains the number of sent and received packets and the number of lost packets including the percentual formulation. Next there is displayed the shortest time between the sent requirement and the answer reception. There is also displayed the longest time and the medium time.

Note: If the TrustPort Personal Firewall configuration does not permit the sending and receiving of ICMP connections, then the tool Ping will not work. If you want to use this service, create Firewall rule that enables you to receive and send the ICMP connections (to allow incoming and outgoing connection with the help of ICMP protocol).

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