Page WhoIs is a part of network tool pack and it serves for acquiring information about Internet domain. Each Internet domain has its owner and technical administrator and it must be registered in domain register of the highest level. Each register have a database of registered domains with information about the owners and more. All these information are public and accessible via the service WhoIs . Client WhoIs is a tool that connects to WhoIs server and it gets from here information about the given domain or object. Some domains or objects can be removed out of WhoIs database but these are mostly exception.

Into editing field Host name or IP address is entered a host name, for example www.trustport.com or IP address that has the following form X.X.X.X. If the field is not filled in, then it is not possible to start the tool WhoIs . Host address must be in the following form domain.xy (for example trustport.com ) so it means only domains of the first and second level, all the other levels will be automatically trimmed and they will not be used during searching.

Note: If there is not allowed the outgoing TCP connection on port 43 in TrustPort Personal Firewall configuration, the tool WhoIs will not function. If you want to use this service, create firewall rule that enables you to use outgoing TCP connection on port 43.

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