What is new in this version

This version of TrustPort Personal Firewall brings the following new features:

  • Pre-defined rules have been removed.
  • Updated list of rules.
  • OS Windows 7 support.
  • From this version language of the application can be changed.
  • Simplified interface operation in both the simplified and advanced modes.
  • Expanded user manual.

TrustPort Personal Firewall 2009:

  • Interactive mode.
  • Automatic adding of rules for applications signed by a trustworthy certificate.
  • Updated list of rules, rules added for Windows Vista.
  • New driver integrated for quicker switching between the UDP/TCP ports and processes.
  • From this version 64bit operating systems are supported.
  • Optimized displaying of logging reports.
  • Many bugs have been fixed and imrpoved since the last version.
  • From this version the interface is divided into two operating modes - easy and advanced mode.
  • Added support for skins in the graphical interface.
  • License key registration wizard.
  • The Net Geo Client has been removed.
  • This version is available in the English, Czech, German, Spanish and Italian languages.
  • Expanded user manual.
  • Rules for firewall can now be specified with the help of local and remote address. This enables more precise definition of filter rules.
  • With ICMP protocol it is possible to define what type and code should be used in the rule.
  • The option to display the transmission statistic of packets and byte number was added.
  • Rules for firewall and predefined rules can be classified into logic units - groups in order to simplify the work with many rules.
  • New rules can be now created even on the base of the message from the log.
  • Viewing the files of external logs. This characteristic is destined first of all for administrators that need to analyze the log files from other installation of Personal Firewall, for example from client stations in computer network.
  • Personal Firewall Quick Launch was added to the Windows task bar.

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