TrustPort eSign PRO Configurator

This Manager allows you to set all the TrustPort eSign PRO software options that influence its behavior somehow. Operation is possible in both Easy and Advanced Modes.

  • Easy Mode

    Serves for operation for users with common knowledge, and therefore the most frequently used functions are integrated. For this same reason, this regime is set as the default after installation. Each item is controlled by pressing the mouse on the selected link representing the given function. Each item in this interface may be named, for example eSign PRO Wizard, and in this case we are dealing with an item which executes a certain function after it has been pressed. A second option is a item which contains the symbol "..." after its name, for example Network Utilities.... In this case a context menu from which actions can be selected will appear after pressing.

    After clicking on option/action and after the dialog configuration window has appeared, it is then possible to modify this configuration. In certain cases, where there are more configuration options, a display window may appear where links to other configuration sites are displayed. By clicking on these links, the appropriate configuration page will be displayed. In this case, the button Back will be activated in the bottom left section of the window. By clicking on this button, you will return to the previous page. The lower left corner of the window also contains the button Help, which when clicked displays a help page corresponding to the configuration page. Help will be displayed in the default web browser. If there were changes in the settings, then it is necessary to press the button OK to confirm these changes. Pressing the Cancel leaves configuration without changes.

    Individual items in Easy Mode are represented with an icon and name.

    In the bottom section of the interface, two buttons can be found. By clicking on Advanced Mode changes the user to the advanced mode. The second button acts for displaying or hiding other information in the right section of the window. After its expansion, statistics about the on-access scanning of TrustPort Antivirus, and statistics about TrustPort Personal Firewall are displayed. If either of the products are not installed, then this button is not displayed at all.

  • Advanced Mode

    Serves for operation for users with advanced knowledge. In this interface it is possible to configure all configuration items. Operation is divided into the following sections:

    • Preffered Settings - This page serves for setting of prefered storage and of other settings.
    • Recipient's Certificates page allows you preset the recipients and their certificates for who all the messages will be automatically encrypted.
    • Time Stamp page serves for setting of list of available Time Stamp Authorities.

    You can reach individual settings pages from the tree-like list on the left side of the window. After clicking on one of the configuration sections, the corresponding page is displayed in the right part of the window. Another way to navigate to the configuration section is to click on the respective link on the start page.

    Every configuration change must be confirmed by pressing Apply in order to take effect!

    In the bottom section of the interface, two buttons can be found. In the bottom left corner the button Help can be found which after it has been clicked displays a window with a hint to the given configuration page. The hint will be displayed in the internet browser. By clicking on Easy Mode switches the mode to the default easy mode.

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