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Bookmark Preferred serves for setting of prefered storage and of other settings. Preferred storage is a storage that will be searched in during signature creation, signature verification and data decryption for private keys and certificates.

Unrolled lists with algorithms in the bottom part of the window serves for algorithm setting. In unrolled list Data encryption is set the algorithm for data encryption. In the second unrolled list Digital signature is set hash algorithm that will serve for digital signature creation. Both preset values are optimal and the user should not change them except for necessary cases.

View extension: Files with these extensions could be displayed from the TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard just after their decryption or signature verification. Extensions are separated by spaces. It is possible to use the star convention.

Example: doc tx*

When there are no file extensions entered (default setting) the button for file viewing is always visible. You can try to display any decrypted/verified files, independently of the file extension.

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