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Page: Recipient´s Certificates

Recipient's Certificates tab allows you preset the recipients and their certificates for who all the messages will be automatically encrypted. These certificates will be automatically attached to the encrypted message. There are three possible types of recipients. The first option is automatic addition of your own certificate. Use this option if you need the possibility to decrypt the final message what is usable if you want to see or edit the sent message later. Without this option you will not be able to read the original message after encryption. The second option allows ou to select a certificate of file supervizor (your boss, a document administrator or a person who should have access to all documents because of the file maintenance). The last one is an option allowing you to specify any number of recipient for who the file will be encrypted. All these recipients can be or needn't be specified. In addition, selecting or removing of recipients is performed by clicking the Modify button. The local menu is displayed next to the button. It is possible to perform the required operations using an item from this menu. Moreover, there are options named Automatically add, Ask user and Don't use. These options serve as a switch for determination if the message should be automatically encrypted for the recipient, if the program should ask before encrypting also for the user or if it should "temporarily" remove the user from the automatic addition of the recipients for encrypting.

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