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Bookmark TSA serves for setting of list of available Time Stamp Authorities. The user can add new connections to Time Stamp Authorities, correct or cancel the existing connections. In the list the user can see all configurated Time Stamp Authorities. Under the list is displayed URL address including protocol and port where is the Time Stamp Authority started. Connection to the Time Stamp Authorities can run on unencrypted HTTP protocol, encrypted HTTPS protocol or on encrypted HTTPS transmission requiring certificate authentication. In field Certificate are displayed information about certificate that is allocated to TSA. In the field Private Key, there is a certificate, which Trustport eSign PRO uses to log in to authenticated TimeStamp Authority connection. This certificate is automatically added to the time stamp so as the user (for example recipient) can verify the validity of the time stamp.

The button Add serves for new connections to the TSA. The button Edit serve for change of settings of TSA connection and Delete serves for cancellation of the TSA connection.

Addition and edition of TSA connection is performed on the window displayed below. To the editing field Name is typed TSA name. This name will be used in TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard module. To the editing field URL is typed the complete URL path to the functioning TSA. The path is entered including the protocol and port. The type of a protocol is entered by prefix of an URL path, that means will be processed by encrypted data transmission. By clicking Choose certificate is selected the certificate that will be allocated to TSA. The certificate must be present in the storage. Private Key is a certificate, which client uses to authenticate to TimeStamp authority. Certificate must be present in the storage of PKI Storage Manager in the section Private Keys.

In unrolled list Choose certificate is selected storage from that the user wants to choose certificate and allocate it with the authority. Certificate is selected by marking it and then clicking on OK . The selected certificate can be displayed by Security Object Inspector module. Choose Private Key is selected a storage from which you want to choose certificate and allocate to an authority. Certificate is chosen by selecting it and clicking on OK button. Certificate selected can be displayed in Security Object Inspector module. Don't use cancels private key used to authenticated connection and one-way encrypted HTTPS connection is applied.

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