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TrustPort eSign PRO application creates its own local file submenu where it is possible to performed certain actions. Individual menu items (operation) will be changed in dependence on what item was the local menu opened. There is as well an option to select more files and through context menu then sign/encrypt them at once. In Trustport eSign PRO wizard an output folder for all selected files is defined. To view the local file menu, click on the right mouse button in Explorer on the file. For the same function can be use the keyboard.

The list of actions that can be performed by local file menu:

PDF file formats:

  • Sign file
  • Encrypt file with a password
  • Sign and encrypt file
  • Verify file (verifies signed PDF document)

Other file formats:

  • Create extra signature
  • Sign file
  • Encrypt file
  • Sign and encrypt file
  • Add time stamp (it is displayed only on signed files with extension .SGN)
  • Verify/Decrypt file (displays on encrypted and/or signed files with extensions .ENC, .SGN, .SGE and .ESG)
  • Import to storage (displayes on all files that can be imported to storage by Security Object Importer module)
  • View file (displays on all files that can be viewed by Security Object Inspector module)
  • Change file password (displays only on files with extensions .P12 and .PFX - files according PKCS#12 contain private key)

If the file is already encrypted, the following options are not displayed Encrypt file and Sign and encrypt file because the file can not be encrypted twice. Name of a source file cannot contain the ";" sign.

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