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Page: Destination

Page Destination of TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard serves for output file entering. Here will be placed the result of performed operation - signed file, encrypted file and so on. If file is marked with pdf extension it will automatically be processed as a PDF document. The path and the file name are entered to the editing field. By clicking Browse it is possible to find the existing path and the name of file.

Checkbox Send by e-mail as an attachment serves for opening a new window for e-mail creation with enclosed output file in default e-mail client. Default e-mail client must be MAPI compatible to be able to interact with TrustPort eSign PRO application, it can be Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and so on.

If more files are processed at once, an output folder, where the results of an operation are stored, is selected instead of the output file. The checkbox Send by e-mail as an attachment is not available in this case.

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