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Page: Data processing

When this page is displayed, TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard module starts to performed the required operation. The processed operation is displayed in the upper part of the window in bold characters. During the operation processing is displayed indicator of the process in percentage. Above the process indicator there are displayed detail information about TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard process.

In case that the decryption is processed, the user is called to select a private key that will performed the data encryption. After the relevant key selection and clicking OK , the user will be called to enter the password for private key; in case it is a substitute key he should enter the PIN for hardware device access. In the dialog window will be displayed only the private keys that belong to users for who was the input file encrypted.

If the required operation is time stamp addition to signature, there is displayed a dialog window for selection of particular signature. Each signature can only have one time stamp and on the contrary some signatures may not have any time stamp. On the enclosed picture are seen two signatures: one has time stamp one does not. Time stamp can now be inserted only to the second signature.

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