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Page: Choose a Wizard Task

This page of TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard selects action/task that should be performed by wizard. Individual tasks are selected by a switch on this page. By using the tabs, you can choose a type of signature, either of PDF documents or of cryptographic message syntax type PKCS#7. This page is not displayed in case that the user started TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard module from local file menu. In local file menu it is directly specified what kind of task it is.

  • PDF documents - This tab helps you to digitally secure a PDF file format by Adobe. The technology of digital signature/encryption of PDF documents is processed based on PDF/A format, which is the official archive version of PDF documents based on the ISO 19005-1:2005 standard. Each attribute and metadata are encrypted/signed separately according to the certificate or password entered and there is created new digitally secured PDF document.
  • PKCS #7 - This tab allows you to digitally secure any file format. Cryptographic message syntax is based on RFC2315 standard. PKI is used for signing and/or file encryption. PKI enables the usage of foreign public keys and to use them to verify digital signatures without the need of their individual control.

Individual tasks are:

  • Create extra signature - Wizard creates a new file where the signature data are placed. The original file remains unchanged.
  • Sign file - Wizard signs the input file and the result is placed in the output file. It is possible to add time stamp to the output file.
  • Create encrypted file - Wizard encrypts the input file and places the result in the output file.
  • Encrypt & Sing file - Wizard first signs the file and then encrypts it; the result is placed into output file.
  • Decrypt & Verify file - Wizard decrypts and verifies the input file. The result (decrypted/verified file) is then placed into output file.
  • Add timestamp - Wizard adds time stamp to the signed file.

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