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TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard offers the possibility to encrypt PDF files with a password. This type of encryption is based on a method "User password" standard Acrobat PDF, which protects document against opening. Caution! We strongly recommend to set your password of minimum length 8 signs and to use the combination of small/capital letters together with numbers. There are freeware programs on internet available for download, which can simply remove the protection of weak passwords.

Supported encryption algorithms:

  • AES (Acrobat 7.x) - Advanced Encryption Standard, standardized method of encryption based on a symmetric block cipher Rijndael, approved by the US standardization authority. Password entered will be encrypted by a symmetric key AES of length 128 bits. This type of encryption is supported by Adobe Acrobat reader version 7 and higher.
  • RC4 (Acrobat 5.x) - Rivest Cipher 4, very fast, used and simple method of encryption designed by Ron Rivest and RSA Security. Length of the key is 128 bits in this case and supported browser is Adobe Acrobat reader version 5 and higher.

Another feature by Trustport eSign PRO Wizard is a restriction of rights of an encrypted document. Created document can be, among others, restricted of the possibility of copying text to clipboard or printing. If a PDF document contains forms, there is an option whether to allow to fill the forms or not.

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