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Page: List of recipients

On this page of TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard is specified for who the input file will be encrypted, it means which certificates will be used for message encryption. If there is no recipient specified for automatic or demanded addition, a dialog window List of recipients is displayed. In case that the user has in TrustPort eSign PRO Configurator at least one recipient specified, a dialog window is displayed. Here it is necessary to confirm which users should be added and which should not. All recipients that are specified for automatic addition without demanding are added to the list of recipient by clicking Add and removed by clicking Remove . The button Add preferred serves for addition of certificate of recipients who are in the list for automatic addition. This list can be changed in module TrustPort eSign PRO Configurator .

The certificate search can be performed in any storage. The storage where should be searched is selected by Look in . It is automatically searched in the last used preferred storage. The name of storage that will be searched is displayed next to button Look in . The search itself is done with help of simple settable criteria. The result of search is displayed to the list and it is possible to view each certificate with the help of module Security Object Inspector . The certificates that the user wants to select for encrypting should by specified by clicking Add and are added the to the list of recipients.

After clicking Look in is displayed a dialog window for selection of storage where the certificate will be searched in. By simple specification of the storage and clicking OK , the storage is selected for search. The user can see by clicking Properties the detail information of the selected storage. By clicking Refresh the retrieval of storage list is performed.

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