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Page: Signature status

If it is found that during operation Decrypt & Verify file the input file is signed, a page with information about signatures and time stamps is displayed. If the input file is signed several times, all signatures are displayed one below other. Time stamps are displayed only next to the signatures where they were created. Some signatures need not have time stamp. Time stamp is displayed by the signature in indented form as it can be seen on illustrative picture.

If all the signatures (including time stamps) are valid, the upper part of the window displays information about their validity. If at least one signature (or time stamp) is invalid, there is information displayed and the invalid item is highlighted by red colour.

If the certificate of the signature owner is not located in the preferred storage, then it is allowed by clicking Import to import this certificate to the storage. Each certificate of signature/time stamp owner can be viewed by clicking View certificate . If the certificate of the signature owner is not found in the preferred storage and it is not enclosed with the signature, than there is displayed an information saying that it is not possible to found out identification data about the person who signed the document ( 'Unknown subscriber' ) and therefore it is not possible either view or import the certificate to the storage. By clicking Details are displayed detail information about the specified signature. Dialog window with signature detail information is showed below.

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