Product description and principal properties

TrustPort eSign PRO is a progressive software application that is designed to secure electronic communication with help of assymetrical cryptography and to apply the electronic signature. It is able to encrypt/decrypt files in off-line mode and sign/verify their electronic signature. Signed and/or encrypted files can be then sent by an e-mail or processed by a different way.

The private keys and certificates may be stored in local storages on computer hard disk or on removable memory media (for example in PKCS#11/PCSC compatible USB tokens, smart cards etc.). CRL (Certificate Revocation List) - can be stored only to the local storage. Each user disposes of private certificates and private "signature" keys. Another advantage of TrustPort eSign PRO program is for example the option to encrypt files for more than one recipient or signature of a file by several persons (so called multisigning).

  • Electronic data signature/signature verification
  • Data encryption/decryption
  • Data encryption for multiple recipients
  • Data encryption and signature
  • podepisování a šifrování PDF dokumentu
  • Tools for key pair management (private keys and certificates including their generation) and CRL
  • Multiple signature of the same data by several users (multisigning)
  • zpracování více dat najednou
  • Option to create extra signature.
  • Option to create time stamps and their verification.
  • Option to add automatically other recipients.
  • Option to send the processed file as an attachment of an e-mail.

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