List of supported hardware devices

The supported USB tokens and smart cards.

Smart card readers:

  • DataKey 10SR
  • TOWITOKO CHIPDRIVE micro 110 v4.30
  • ActivCard ACTR-01
  • PCS-M2 SCM microsystems (PCMCIA)
  • Chrysalis ITS Luna CA3

USB smart card reader:

  • Eutron PocketReader
  • Gemalto

Smart cards:

  • ActivCard
  • DataKey 330
  • Sm@rtCaféExpert 3.1
  • Starcos 3.0 (ICA)

USB Tokens:

  • iKey 2000/2032/4000
  • Eutron CryptoIdentity v.4, v.5
  • Spyrus USB Token
  • Aladdin eToken Pro

Practically all devices operating across PC/SC interface are supported. The equipment operating across interface specified by PKCS#11 standard must be implemented into the system. Smart card Starcos 3.0 can be used just in "read only" access (uses SecureStorePKCS11.dll) and requires application SecureStore by ICA installed.

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