Installation of TrustPort eSign PRO application is set up by starting program setup.exe (the program icon is figured below). Installation program is a transparent wizard that enbles the installation even for the less experienced users.

If the user bought and got the licence key, he can use this key already during the installation. It is sufficient to copy the file with installation key to the installation file setup.exe, the licence key file will have name eSign.key .

Some of the files are not deleted during uninstallation of the product. They are set up files and files with storages. The user can easily uninstall product TrustPort eSign PRO; all keys, certificates and CRL will remain in the storage. After a new installation, he can start to use these objects in the storage immediately. This option is convenient especially when the user wants to reinstall TrustPort eSign PRO upgrade. If the user wants to uninstall TrustPort eSign PRO completely, including setup and all storages, it is necessary to delete manually the whole directory where TrustPort eSign PRO was installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\TrustPort eSign PRO).

Select language of installation

Description of individual wizard pages:

Welcome to Installation Wizard
Licence Agreement
Select components
Select Start Menu Folder
Select Destination Directory
TrustPort eSign PRO Components
Default Local Storage Name
Ready to Install
Installation Finished

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