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Page "Select Components" serves for selection of components and installation type. The user can select from three types of installation and five optional components to install. The change of installation type has influence on the component choice and also the component choice influences the installation type. If the user owns some of supported hardware device and wants to use it with TrustPort eSign PRO application, he should select the relevant additional component by marking the checkbox.

List of installation types:

  • Typical installation (predefined type of installation recommended for most users)
  • Complete installation
  • Own installation

List of additional components:

  • Eutron support
  • Rainbow support (also DataKey smartcard)
  • iKey 2000/2032/4000 support
  • ActivCard support
  • Spyrus support
  • Aladdin eToken Pro support
  • Starcos 3.0 (ICA) support
  • Sm@rtCaféExpert 3.1 support

When selecting the typical installation, only the basic part of TrustPort eSign PRO application without hardware support (USB tokens and smartcards) will be installed. The complete installation contains basic part of TrustPort eSign PRO application including complete support for hardware equipment. The installation itself always contains basic TrustPort eSign PRO application and selected additional components. If the user selects some of typical or complete installation and selects or cancels the choice from additional components, then the own installation is automatically installed.

In bottom part of the window is shown how much free space will be taken by selected additional components.

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