LDAP Publisher

TrustPort eSign PRO application contains LDAP server module that provides one local storage to the clients. They can access it by any LDAP client (for example PKI Storage Manager or Directory in Outlook Express application). LDAP Publisher module is part of the PKI Storage Manager module. With help of this module it is possible to set what local storage should be accessed by LDAP server for LDAP services. The local storage that is accessible by LDAP server is marked by a dot in PKI Storage Manager module for better reach.

Process of access to local storage:

  • On the local storage click your right mouse button and select the option LDAP Publisher.
  • A dialog window with two main parts is displayed. The first part, upper, contains information saying what storage was selected for LDAP Publisher and what is the path to this storage. In the second part, lower, is information saying what local storage is accessible now.
  • By clicking Publish is the storage set as published and the LDAP server is started.
  • In the lower part is displayed this provider storage.

By clicking Start/Stop is started or stopped LDAP server that makes the local storage accessible. If the user wants to finish local providing, he must click Close . The LDAP server is stopped and the storage providing is cancelled.

It is necessary to restart systems Windows 98/ME to manifest the changes. Systems Windows NT/2000/XP react immediately.

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