What is new in this version

This version of TrustPort eSign PRO brings the following new features:

Trustport eSign PRO:

  • Signing, encryption and verification of PDF documents.
  • Visual sign and timestamp can be added to PDF documents.
  • Extra options in context menu - multiple signing/encryption of files.
  • Support of encrypted and authenticated SSL connection when creating a timestamp.
  • Support of new smart cards and USB tokens.
  • Supported versions of PDF documents: 1.0 - 1.7
  • Extended user's guide.

TrustPort eSign 2010:

  • OS Windows 7 support.
  • From this version language of the application can be changed.
  • Simplified interface operation in both the easy and advanced modes.
  • Expanded user manual.

TrustPort eSign 2009:

  • From this version the interface is divided into two operating modes - easy and advanced mode.
  • Added support for skins in the graphical interface.
  • License key registration wizard.
  • This version is available in the English, Czech, German, Spanish and Italian languages.
  • Expanded user manual.
  • The option to export list of revoked certificates from a local storage to a file.
  • The option of multiple certificate export to one file.
  • The option of multiple import to a storage. More files from the local file menu can be imported. It is also possible to import certificates, keys and CRL in this way.
  • The option to copy objects in between storages. It is allowed to copy certificates, keys and CRL from one storage to another.
  • The option to create extra signature.
  • The option to create time stamps and their verification.
  • The option to configure the automatic addition of recipients.
  • Sending of processed file as an attachment of e-mail.

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