PKI Storage Manager - certificate storage application IE

PKI Storage Manager module enables to work with the certificates stored in the certificate storage of Internet Explorer application. PKI Storage Manager is connected to the storage across plug-in module supplied together with TrustPort eSign PRO application and the storage is accessible as hybrid storage. Similar to Internet Explorer application, PKI Storage Manager module divides certificates into several groups. Each group is represented as one hybrid storage.

List of hybrid storages for access to the storage of IE application:

  • This computer - Personal
  • This computer - Other users
  • This computer - Providing Certification Authorities
  • This computer - Trustful root certification authorities

All storages are destined only for reading and it is not allowed to add or delete any other certificates in the storages. It is allowed to export or copy certificates from these storages to the local storages or to the tokens/smart cards. These storages can be used for example for encryption with help od module TrustPort eSign PRO Wizard .

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