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Page: Key Pair Generation

After displaying the page Key pair generation, there is shown a dialog window for random data collection that serves for random key generation. This random key is then used for private key generation. Random data are collected by sensoring the mouse and keys movements. The user can see on the indicator the percentage of collected data volume. The process of random data collection can be interrupted by clicking Cancel.

After interruption of random data collection by clicking Cancel a message is displayed saying that all the random data necessary were not yet collected. If the user selects Yes, the inner mechanism start the random data collection. By clicking No the random data collection from mouse and keys movement will continue.

If the random data are collected, the generation of private key itself is started. The current status of key generation is displayed by wizard behind the text Current status:. The finish of generation is signalled by text Finish. During generation it is possible to interrupt the action by clicking Stop. The user can start the random data collection again by clicking the button in the right lower part of the windows. Button Regenerate key pair serves for regeneration of the key pair. If the generation was cancelled by the button Stop, then the new generation must by started by clicking Regenerate key pair. When the generation of key pair is finished, the user is allowed to click Next and he can go to the next page of the wizard.

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