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Page Key Properties Security Object Generator Wizard serves for selection and setup of private key properties. All the editing and selection fields are preset; the user is not obliged to change them. To the editing field Alias name a name of the private key is entered. This name is entered for easier work with objects. The key name must be a unique name. The user can have the same name for the private key and for the certificate but there must not exist the same name for two private keys. To check if the key name is unique in the destination storage, click Check alias .

The field with algorithm list serves for selection of algorithm that will be used for private key generation. The algorithm list can be changed depending if user selected the first or the third generation method (Generate to storage or Save to file) or the second generation method (Generate in storage). During the first and the third generation method there are used algorithms that are supplied together with TrustPort eSign PRO program. For the second method are displayed only the algorithms that are supported by the storage where the private key should be generated.

Into the editing field Key length is entered the key length in bits. The offered lengths are influenced by the generation method similar to algorithms.

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