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Page: Destination Storage

On this page the user can select where he wants to generate the key pair. The new key pair can be generated only to local storages or to a hardware device. On this wizard page is also selected where should be created substitute objects in case that the key pair is generated in the hardware device.

In window "List of available storages" is automatically preset as a default local storage. If Security Object Generator is started from PKI Storage Manager module, there is automatically preset the destination storage according to PKI Storage Manager. This preset makes the destination storage selection easier and faster. If the selected storage does not correspond to the storage that the user wants to use, he can select the particular storage by himself. By clicking "Refresh" he can retrieve the list of storages in the given section. If some local storage should be specified, by clicking Refresh the retrieval of all local storages will be processed. The button Properties serves to display detail information about the selected storage. In the detail display there are information about storage location, free space size and other.

If the user generates the key pair to the hardware device, there is a possibility to create substitute objects. The creation or cancellation of creation of the substitute objects is specified by checkbox "Create substitute object into local storage". If the user wants to create substitute objects then he can select a destination local storage for these objects. There is automatically preset default local storage for the substitute keys.

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