TrustPort eSign PRO Security Object Inspector

Security Object Inspector module serves for viewing the objects properties such as certificates, privates keys and CRL. The user can view the objects located in the storage or in a file. Security Object Inspector can be started from PKI Storage Manager application or from local file menu.

If the user views the objects stored in the file where are located more than one, then there is displayed information saying how many objects there are to view and which one is the user viewing now. The information is displayed in window title of application. The user can move from object to object with help of buttons in lower part of application or by cursor keys. The button Import placed in the lower part of application serves for object or file import to the storage.

When the user displays objects stored on hardware devices (smart cards/USB tokens) or a file that is protected by a password, he is called to enter the password/PIN for access to this objects.

According to object type there are also displayed relevant application bookmarks. The main bookmark is General . On this bookmark are displayed the most important information about the object (summary) for the user.

In key properties type is displayed only one main bookmark with summary properties of the key.

For object type certificate there are displayed two more bookmarks apart from General another two bookmarks Details and Certification path . The main bookmark General in this case displays moreover in the lower part a key icon and information if the relevant private key is located in the storage for the certificate or not. The check if the private key for the certificate is available is performed only on the local storage.

Bookmark Details displays detail information about all certificate properties. The individual certificate properties are divided into groups and are distinguished by colour. With help of unrolled list in the upper part of the window the user can influence the display of properties related only to selected group. The colour distinction of properties and the option to display only the properties related to a certain group make the usage easier and more transparent for the user.

On bookmark Certification path is displayed the complete certification path to the root certificate. The path is displayed only if there are these subordinated certificates placed in the storage. If the certificate is self-signed or root, it is not possible to display the subordinated certificates and there is an explanatory message in the bottom part of the window. If the complete certification path is displayed, a message saying that the certificate is correct is displayed. By clicking "View certificate" the user can display any from subordinated certificate in certification path. A new window of Security Object Inspector with this certificate is opened. The sample of complete certification path can be seen on the enclosed picture.

In the List of revoked certificates (CRL) are displayed two bookmarks; a bookmark General with CRL summary information Revocation list .

Bookmark Revocation list displays information about the revoked certificates. In the list called "Revoked certificates" is displayed the complete list of these revoked certificates together with date of revocation. After the selection of a revoked certificate, the box "Revocation entry" displays detail information about revocation. The are for example information why and when the certificate was revoked and his serial number.

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