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Page: Object selection

On this page of wizard the user can select which objects wants to import to the destination storage. All objects are selected by default. Each imported object has an automatically generated name. The new name generation of imported objects is necessary for mininisation of unsuccessful imports because it is not allowed to have the same name of the same type objects in PKI. Thus the user can not have two certificates with the same name but he can have a key and a certificate with the same name.

By clicking Check it is possible to check if the specified object already exists in the destination storage. The check of the singularity of the name can be also by done with help of hot keys . There are only checked the object names for their singularity. The button Rename serves for object name change. The user can change the name also with the help of relevant hot keys . The button Inspect starts Security Object Inspector module with the relevant object. Here the user has the possibility to view the object details.

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