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Page: Security Object Importer Wizard Finish

By displaying this page, Security Object Importer already have enough information for finishing the required tasks. By clicking Finish the import or object copying to the destination storage will be performed.

When the tasks are finished, the user will see the result displayed. The result contains information if the objects were correctly imported or copied or if any error occurred. Next a detailed message about the result is performed. This message can be viewed by clicking Yes in the window with the result message. The button No will finish Security Object Importer module and the detailed message will not be displayed.

In the dialog window with detailed description of the result is displayed the list of all imported or copied objects and information if the import was successful of if a error occurred. If an error occurred in object import, there will be an information displayed describing why it was not possible to import/copy the object to the destination storage. By clicking Close the dialog window will be closed and Security Object Importer module is finished.

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