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Page: New Password Enter

Page New password enter serves for private key password. It is necessary to protect these keys by passwords to secure them in local storages. There must be entered a password for each imported private key. This password will then be entered during all operations in TrustPort eSign PRO application that will be carried out with the key. The key is entered on this page of Security Object Importer Wizard. For check it is necessary to enter the password twice. In the upper part of the window is displayed the particular key for which is the password being entered.

If the user imports more keys at the same time, there is displayed the same window for each password. It means that after entering the first password for the first private key it is necessary to click Next and the same window is displayed for password enter for the second private key and so on.

If the user enters an empty password, he is informed about it by a message and he is asked if he is sure to do this.

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