Technical support

Thank you for using TrustPort eSign PRO program. If you are interested in other products of TrustPort, a.s., the necessary information can be found on the company web pages. If you have any suggestions or questions relating to TrustPort eSign PRO program, please, read first the FAQ and visit our web pages on Internet. If you still do not have the answers to your questions, contact us on the bellow stated addresses.

Error messages:

If you find an error in TrustPort eSign PRO program, you can report it to one of the bellow stated conctacts. Please, prepare the following information beforehand:

  • precise error description (how it can be invoked)
  • version number and date of the issue of TrustPort eSign PRO application (see the first bookark in TrustPort eSign PRO Configurator module)
  • Windows operation system version, where you have TrustPort eSign PRO installed


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