Mobile Solutions


Portunes – a password generator and security storage for all your passwords!

Portunes will protect all of your sensitive data like your credit card details, bank accounts, user names and passwords, PINs, private notes etc. All the data is encrypted and protected by a password against hackers and malware, and is synchronized between your mobile devices and your PC through cloud storage.

Skytale – perfect encryption of your messages in one simple click!

Secure your SMS’s and emails and send them to your friends! If you want to prevent other people from reading your sensitive messages, the Skytale application is the only solution for you!

Trustee – an ideal guard for your smartphone

Mobile Security – superior protection against all mobile threats

Mobile Security is based on TrustPort’s own scanning engine. This app offers you not only the function of scanning your phone on demand, but it also offers a resident shield – on access scanning, as main protection against malware. You can also be assured that that you will surf the web safely, as the application scans the URL addresses that you visit, and it blocks websites which contain malicious codes.

Trustee will find your lost mobile phone. It will send an SMS to any other mobile with the specific coordinates of the location of where your mobile phone is currently located. You can also create your own blacklist and whitelist for the blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s.

TrustPort understands that smartphones are fast becoming a necessity for everyone. That is why we are continually developing security applications to protect you and your phone no matter where you are, or what you are doing.
Portunes - I want to protect my sensitive information and passwords Skytale - I want to send encrypted messages to my friends
Mobile Security - I want to have my smartphone protected against malware Pictura - I want to have my personal photos and PDF documents coded in my smartphone Trustee - I want to find my lost smartphone