Trustee guards your smartphone. If you lose your mobile, Trustee will find it for you! It will send an SMS to any other mobile with the specific coordinates of the location of where your mobile phone is currently located. Trustee also enables you to surf the web safely, because it controls the URL address that you are visiting and it blocks websites which contain malicious codes. Your contacts are always safe with the Trustee application, because a backup function is offered. You can also create your own blacklist and whitelist for the blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s. The application enables you to define so-called forbidden dialling codes. This function is especially connected with premium rate SMS’s or with expensive phone lines.


  • Contacts backup on memory card
  • Geolocation – a useful tool for the loss of a mobile phone
  • Blocking of outgoing and incoming calls and SMS’s (blacklist/ whitelist)
  • Safe web surfing – blocking of infected webpages
  • Blocking of defined dialling codes (premium rate SMS’s or expensive phone lines)
  • Simple user interface