Another great success for us!

We got the latest results of a Virus Bulletin´s testing and they are outstanding for us again!

September 30, 2016
corporate antivirus business server test virus bulletin

We are proud of our products and we know that we do a quite good job. But always, when we get a positive feedback to our products, it is a very nice feeling for us. And now, when we got the latest results from independent testing labs of Virus Bulletin and we found out that our results were great, it was really a pure joy to read them.

We provide our products for testing within Virus Bulletin regularly and we achieved a lot of good results in the past. This time, the testing was focused on Windows Server 2012 so it was connected with the corporate segment. The testing took place in June 2016, the results are available one day, so they are still hot. And our Antivirus 2016 won the testing with the best RAP achieved from all contestants (e.g. Avast, AVG, Eset, Kaspersky, Microsoft etc.). Our RAP overview number was 90,2%, while the second best, Qihoo, achieved 88,0%. That means a quite nice lead for us.

We totally went under 18 tests and Virus Bulletin says at the summarizing "TrustPort regularly achieves excellent detection levels and things were no different this time with very high scores in all sets, coupled with impeccable stability and reasonably light impact on performance. With no problems to report in the certification sets, TrustPort also earns a VB100 award."

Of course you can see the complete results and also the comparison of all products on the Virus Bulletin site. And after the reading, you should be sure that there is only one correct answer to all security questions within your company.

Virus Bulletin testing windows server 2012