Ceska Posta implemented Threat Intelligence

Ceska Posta, one of the biggest Czech companies, chose Threat Intelligence as its network security tool.

April 18, 2016
ceska posta czech post office threat intelligence trustport

We are proud to announce that we successfully implemented our Threat Intelligence solution at customer Ceska Posta (Czech Post Office). This company employs more than 30 000 people and has the responsibility over millions of various deliveries across the whole of Czech Republic. It means that it´s network is very demanding and it is important to have a powerful and effective tool which enables proper and secure management of such a large and extensive network.

The main requirements were connected with replacing of the outdated security products and with implementing of modern security technology with effective Network Behavioral Analysis (NBA). Ceska Posta also needs a centralized management, flexible logging into SIEM tools, detection of proprietary data and possible measurements and continuous optimization. The challenges for TrustPort were mainly hidden in the large scale of the network, the need to analyze traffic up to 10 Gbps per appliance, short time of customization and deployment, and multiple line monitoring.

TrustPort solved all of these issues by bringing in Threat Intelligence with five appliances which provide Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) of data communication on the level of individual packets, as well as Intrusion Detection System (IDS), network communication behaviour analysis for the detection of unknown attacks, with the technology containing more than 40 different detection algorithms, and long-term data storage collector for processed data. With Threat Intelligence,the administrators of Ceska Posta can now effectively monitor their entire network, on the scale from the perimeter to the end user.

The main advantages of the Threat Intelligence solution are; security monitoring of the entire network in real time, recorded data available for months, reduction of security and network management expenses, and the optimal price vs. performance ratio. You can find out more information about Threat Intelligence here and if you are interested, feel free to contact us.