New versions has arrived!

We have developed new versions of our products with a lot of improvements and new features. And we are sure there gonna be a great show!

May 3, 2016

New versions bring not only even more user friendly and completely new graphic interface, but also features which helps in effectivity within protection and also performance. We always strive to do our best in our solutions and home users are very important for us. That´s why we are sure the improvements in our products will bring you the best protection against viruses and malware on the market. So, what are the main improvements and features?

New GUI. We developed a completely new GUI which now provides you a better and lighter overview of the software and its operation. We made viewing and managing of the software more easier and better arranged. The GUI is also very pleasing to the eye with the combination of light and calm colours. We believe that simplicity makes the biggest sense and we hope you will appreciate our efforts.

AntiExploit. It is a new technology implemented within our products. It brings protection of your PC at a new level. AntiExploit protects against advanced attacks connected with using of common applications like web browsers or Java/Flash based apps. Additionally, it minimizes threats caused by outdated operation systems. AntiExploit is something like a quiet watchman of your PC which fights for your security.

Optima. You probabla already know this technology from our solutions because it is not a completely new tool. But we worked further on its functions as well and now its optimalization skills are even better than before. This tool will help you to make your PC better performing.

New packaging. Maybe not so important thing for you, but we are proud of this new and lighter design of our solutions. It brings simplicity, clearness, airiness and some retro feelings together, and clearly links to the new GUI. Yes, we like this design (:

Well, now there is no reason to wait more. So, click here and enjoy our upgraded versions for yourself. And let us know how you like them, here in comments or at our Facebook page.