The Invincible Guardians of Your Company


Secure Development Methodology Tailored to Your Needs

Complete Coverage of the Development Cycle

Protect Your Products from Vulnerabilities

Covers Available Security Standards and Best Practices


Classify your data properly

Protection of the data confidentiality

Automation of the data classification process

Employees education according to the policies

Labelling documents with proper marks

Disk Shredder

Finally a Right Way of Data Erasure

Safe and quick erasure of unwanted data

Easy integration

Effective central management

Cloud-based resources saving option


Project Aggregated Quality Assurance for Systems

This project investigates the challenges arising from the interdependence of safety, security and performance of safety-critical industrial systems in the domains of transportation, space, medicine, and industrial control. AQUAS aims at efficient solutions for the entire product life-cycle, and puts forth a coordinated engineering approach to address the continuously growing requirements on security and performance, while maintaining safety.

This project has received funding from the Electronic Component Systems for European Leadership Join Undertaking under grant agreement No 737475. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Spain, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Germany. And from Czech Operational program Research and Development for Inovation of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports.