Detection of an unknown malware with Threat Intelligence.

Threat Intelligence really is a very powerful tool for your protection. Read how it works when it comes to an unknown malware detection.

June 7, 2016
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Because we operate in the area of computer and network security every day, we perceive the growth of various security risks these days as quickly developing information structures. To be able to answer these risks quickly and effectively even in the long term, we have strengthened our internal research & development with a new laboratory which focuses on the detection of unknown malware.

What does this mean? In cooperation with sister company AEC, together we collaborate on research activities in the area of the detection of unknown malware and nonstandard network attacks. This long term collaboration has brought us to a logical position, and we have created our own specialized laboratory, which will enable us to observe and study behavior of unknown malware.

How does it work? Within our field we often work with types of malware which are totally unknown for antivirus software. This is largely due to the fact that, that hackers are continually developing new and modern malware and targeted atatcks. For example so called „zero-day“ attacks, which may stay undetected for a long period of time, even after sending unique company information to hackers, and thus causing real security concerns for the company. It is these types of infections our laboratory is focusing on. Thanks to this type of monitoring, we are able to reveal all kinds on information about the malware’s behavior profile, which can then serve for future detection of similar infiltrations. Additionally, we can also develop processes for effective protection. The key is to reveal the malware before it has a chance to do any significant damage. It is our aim to continually improve our algorithms and detection models, in order to react to new forms of attacks.

If you are interested in this topic more, stay tuned! We will bring an article about analysing of an unknown malware soon! Or just contact us and we can talk about it more.