New virus on Facebook

Be careful not to become another victim of a new virus spreading through Facebook.

September 13, 2016
facebook attack virus video my gif

This new attack is based on one simple trick - a video named e.g. My first video, My video or Private video is offered to you to play by one of your friend. When you click this link, you are redirected to a site similar to Youtube and the player is demanding to install a plugin My Gif, which is the bearer of an infection. What makes this attack effective is the fact that the My Gif plugin really exists as a non-pirate feature. That means that these attackers simply used this name to confuse possible victims. Normal My Gif plugin serves to create pictures.

When you click on the video and you start the installation of the My Gif plugin, your Internet browser will be infected resulting in taking control over your Facebook profile. That leads to the change of password and the attackers then use your stolen profile to spread the virus to all your friends with the same trick using the video. They can even add new friends, create new Facebook sites and to modify posts.

The attackers use also e-mails to spread this virus and the main target is Chrome Internet browser. This virus was mainly recognized in USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Russia and other countries. When you will become infected by this virus, you have to uninstall My Gif plugin from Chrome first. Then it is recommended to scan the whole computer with a powerful antivirus. The last very important step is to change your Facebook password to be sure that you have your profile under your control again.