TrustPort Sphere is here!

Enjoy the completely new family of our products. With a new name comes a new design and refined features. Discover for yourself!

December 20, 2016
trustport sphere banner antivirus

We do not slacken in a continuous strive to do the best (or at least to do something better and better). This year was a pretty busy for us, but we achieved a lot of successes. Not only we repeatedly achieved other awards from Virus Bulletin, we also worked on new versions of our products. And because we believe our products are timeless, we also designated a completely new name. A name which is not bound with year or anything. So, here it comes.


From now on, our products are named Sphere. Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection. All of them are now not connected with year, but with something more dominating. With Sphere. Sphere is here to create an impenetrable protecting shield guarding you from all angles. It is like an protective bubble around you. With Sphere, you can be protected against all dangers of the online world. You can surf the Internet, write e-mails, download any content, do your work… And within your protective Sphere, you will be completely safe.

With Sphere comes also a new design of all materials. An elegant black is completed with a lines symbolizing protective connection lines of the Sphere around you. Not only we changed the name and created the new design, you can enjoy also new GUI with improvement for sight impaired people and some refined features for a really powerful protection, like improved AntiExploit module, scanning engine and more frequent updates.

Discover all parts of Sphere and get our own license get your own license right now.on the Virus Bulletin site.