Privacy Policy

Each transaction requires the exchange of certain information. We respect shared information and in the following paragraphs you will find our Privacy Policy, which we go by within working with data we get.
During a buying proces you will be asked to provide your contact and billing information. This data is used for generating your order, for making payment through credit cards, and for the delivery of your ordered products. For each online purchase you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you specified.
TrustPort is the sole user of the data which you provide on our website. Your data will not be sold to any third party, disclosed or rented, with the exception of contractual or legal reasons, or if it will be required by law. The data collected may be provided to our partners and advertisers. However under any case, this data will not contain any information that would enable personal identification. TrustPort very diligently monitors privacy practices of its partners and subsidiary companies, to ensure that they will act to protect data the same as
Our website may contain links to other websites which we cannot affect, and which are not covered by this Privacy Policy. We cannot be responsible for the content and privacy policies of third party sites as their principles may differ from ours. uses cookies. Cookies are small units of data that are sent from a Web server to a web browser to re-enable the server to collect data from the browser. Our cookies do not use any personal data. They are used so the user is able to logon, for remembering which products have been added to the basket, in which country the user is, and for indentifying the preferred language and currency. Finally, cookies can also be used for statistical purposes to determine the path used when viewing web pages.
You may request information on the way your personally identifiable information is stored. In addition, you may also request changes to the information we have on file for you — this could be the case if you believe that some information we have about you is incorrect, or there is some information about you that has changed (for example, if you no longer use a former email address). To request information or changes regarding your personally identifiable information that we have on file, please email with the headline “PRIVACY CHANGE REQUEST” in the message subject.
Of course you have the right to inspect all the personal data we have collected from you. To request a copy of your personal data held by us, please write to us at the address:
Sales Department
Purkyňova 2845/101
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic
By retaining personal information no longer than is reasonably necessary for the function for which it is collected, we delete all personal information. In addition we enable our user’s to cancel specific services offered by our applications and thus delete his personal information on demand.
If there are any changes to our Privacy Policy, you will be informed, which means you do not need to worry about your privacy being protected. When any changes occur to the Privacy Policy, a report is published on our website with a direct link to the change which took place. You are therefore at all times aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances it may be published. In the event that we want to use personal information that may identify you as a person differently than stated, we will notify you via email and give you the opportunity to decide whether TrustPort may use this data or not.
We sometimes communicate with our users using a build in product messaging. This communication way is used when a user's license is about to expire, when an update or upgrade of TrustPort product and virus database is offered, when a user visits an unwanted webpage or to notify users of new products and services. Personal information is generally not exchanged using this process. In-product messaging also permits the computers or devices of our users to transmit information to our server including security and technical information about the users' computer. This information is used for statistical purposes, product updates, and improving of product capabilities. This information is stored in a way that is not associated with a particular user.


TrustPort applications require users to offer their data necessary for providing business
and technical services from the TrustPort side. Users are required to provide
email address, country and user name when register TrustPort product during product
registration process, optionally telephone number and address can be offered by user.
In individual applications there are collected user’s information
for technical purposes connected with the used services:

is a security focused application for smart phones and tablets running Android operating system. It scans the device for malware, unwanted privacy violation, phishing and other possible threats. For this purpose, we collect information from your device and Android OS, including mainly current language/country code, anonymous identification of user, identified malware, and visited URLs. We do not collect your personally identifiable information as part of the anti-malware module. In the Parental control and Anti-theft module we collect locations of the mobile device with the help of Location Service or GPS , list of approved SIM cards, identification of the mobile device, phone number to notify you in the event of unauthorized SIM card replacement, a number where calls and messages can be forwarded in the event of theft. As a part of the module of blocking of unwanted calls, we collect call logs including GUIDs and telephone numbers blacklisted by the end user. We do not collect any other details from your contact list.