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TrustPort Antivirus products are no more available for sale. Trustport company decided to focus on development of other security products and to terminate development of Antivirus products for SMB and enterprise segment. Technical support of sold licenses will be provided in future.
Run the installation program (downloaded or on a CD). The installation proces is very easy even for a less experienced user – simply follow the instructions of the installation wizard. Than you can either register your product or run the trial mode. In case of registering, the registration wizard will start and will guide you through the proces. If not registering, the software will run in the trial mode for the period of 30 days.
Trial versions may be legally used for trial purposes for 30 days. If you want to register after this period, you don´t need to reinstall but it is enough to only register the trial version. First, you must purchase a valid license. You can select license for up to 6 computers in our eStore or you can place an order via sales contact form. Once you received the activation code (or licence key), go to TrustPort Centre in the system tray. Select License keys, and click Register button. Then follow the registration wizard´s instructions.
OS Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (x32, x64, x86); Pentium IV (or compatible); 512 MB RAM; 500 MB free space on your hard drive.
Check your internet connection if it working properly. Also the connection to the update server may be blocked. Try to check (and enable connection to the update server or temporarily turn off) your firewall settings or web filtering settings. And maybe you use a proxy server which is not configured in TrustPort Antivirus – get your IP address of the proxy server, go to the TrustPort Center in the system tray, select the Update item and the Proxy Server. Click on Use a proxy server and enter the IP address. If the proxy server requires authentication, tick the box Connect to the proxy server, and enter the user name and password.
From TrustPort Antivirus computer installation you can easily create a portable version on your USB drive. Go to TrustPort Center in the system tray, click On-Demand Scanner, then click on Advanced button and Prepare TrustPort USB button. Another option is to purchase TrustPort USB Antivirus.
Unfortunately no. But this is a common status quo – no 2 or more antivirus programs can run together due to technical nature of an on-access antivirus protection.
Update the antivirus, then scan the suspicious files again. In case no infection is reported by the antivirus, please zip these files and send to for analysis. Describe within the email, why you are sending the files.
When an infection is found, all suspected files are moved into quarantine. In case you are sure that such file is not infected, you can restore it from quarantine at any time – go to TrustPort Center in the system tray, select Quarantine, select file to be restored and click on the Restore button. You can also send the file (zipped) to for a further analysing.
In case of problems or doubts about the cleaning of a virus from the system, choose the bootable CD with the Bart PE program and a current installation of TrustPort Antivirus. Boot from it and let it scan all drives. Further instructions about creating a bootable CD can be found in our downloads section.
It depends on the sensitivity of the data. Differences are in the number of shredding cycles – the more sensitive data the more shredding cycles you should run. Quick method means 1 shredding cycle and the fastest and the weakest shredding. Peter Gutmann method means 35 cycles making it the slowest and the strongest shredding. The recommended optimal way is to use the Trustport method performing 3 shredding cycles.
It is possible to shred even deleted files. If they still are in the Recycle Bin, click the TrustPort Center icon in the system tray, select DataShredder and click Wipe Now (make sure the Recycle Bin checkbox is on). If the files are not in the Recycle Bin anymore, right-click on the drive icon, and select TrustPort DataShredder > Shred free space.
When shredding more file at once, select the files, right-click and select TrustPort DataShredder from the context menu. You can be prompted by an Open dialog window to enter the filename of the record to be stored. This depends on the TrustPort DataShredder settings established in the TrustPort Center window.
Right-click the drive icon to open the context menu and select TrustPort DataShredder. You will see 3 options - Shred data on the disc, Shred free space and Shred whole disc. The first one shreds all the data on the selected drive (not the system drive), the second one shreds only the free space on the selected drive and the third one shreds all the data and free space on the selected drive.